Joe, London

I was quite simply amazed at Nanogen. To be honest I was sceptical at first because I have been using another product for years and it doesn't seem to have had any effect. I was reluctant to spend money on another hair product, but I am so glad I did. CHECK OUT THE DIFFERENCE IN THE PICTURES!
Joe Before and after Nanogen Fibres

Phillip, Birmingham

I remember first putting it on and was just amazed at the result! People at work said I looked different, so did my friends; now I can concentrate on the more important things in life.

Mike, Plymouth

Nanogen has really made a difference to my life. It is totally undetectable and really is a "thinning" man's companion for a more confident outlook on life.

James, Leeds

I work outside all day - it's so reassuring that Nanogen won't come out in the rain or wind.

Ahmed, Liverpool

Amazing!! I have tried all the other fibres out there on the market and Nanogen is the only one I will ever use!
Hair Concealing Fibers

Vijay, Manchester

I'm impressed by the immediate effects! I can go out again without worrying about my hair.

Peter, London

It's also excellent when it comes to those special occasions. I used Nanogen Fibres for the first time at my cousin's wedding and the photos turned out brilliantly.